Our Ministries

Global Ministries

We are a "sister" church with Ebenezer Baptist Church in Havana Cuba, and have been since 1974.  Recently,  we embarked on a partnership with other local churches and Habitat for Humanity in Ecuador.  

Youth Ministry

Children are an intregal part in the life of the church.  Each Sunday they light the candles, ring the church bell, and participate in Children's Time.  This is followed by supervised activities and play.  

Spiritual Exploration

We work to recognize that we have more in common with the world's religions than we differ. The words of spiritual and progressive Christian leaders are an important ingredient for growing peace.

Hospitality Ministry

We work to live an extravagant welcome through this ministry.  Hospitality goes beyond greeting at the door and the provision of food.  It is living out loud the  tolerance and acceptance of everyone.  All are welcome here, always.

Music Ministry

Music is in everything.   Music expresses our joy, our sorrows, our need for connection with others, and with our Higher Power.  We begin with simple lullabies, and music continues to grow throughout our lives.  


We believe ministry can happen in huge ways, but most often it occurs in small silent ways. 

We believe we are called to grow in the recognition that we are a global community,

and what we do and believe matters. We believe in our capacity to live in Peace. 

We believe the earth has been given to us to care for and to thrive on its abundance.