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Ebeneezer Baptist Church, Havana, Cuba

Since 1999, the Illinois South Conference has maintained a partnership with five ngo’s in Ecuador. 
Habitat is the most prominent one, with two house builds for disadvantaged families being held each year in various regions of Ecuador.  The other four partners are FEDICE (an agricultural support group offering microloans and agricultural techniques to farmers), the Chuquiragua Girls (scholarships for low-income high school and college-aged girls), Center for Integrated Family Services works with domestic and family issues, (similar to Carbondale’s Women Center), and Advent St Nicholas, the church in Quito offering services in three languages; this is where the travel group worships while in Ecuador.  

Trips are scheduled during the winter and summer months and do not require construction experience.  These trips are for cultural, educational, spiritual, and travel experience for UCC people. Let Janet McCready know if you are interested in serving this covenant mission. 

 A Just Peace is the knowing we all have the ability to affect change in ourselves, our family, community and the world at large. 


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In 1974 Church of the Good Shepherd established a "sister" church relationship with Ebenezer Baptist Church in Havana, Cuba to address the economic impact of the United States Embargo on the people of Cuba.  

2019 is the 47th year of this alliance between Ebenezer Baptist Church and the Church of the Good Shepherd and other local churches.  During this time each year, representatives of our faith community traveled with over-the-counter medical-related items, basic office and school supplies, and a thirst to learn.

In 1996 Reverend Ted Braun, who served at the Church of Good Shepherd from 1973 to 1992, was awarded the Elena Gil Award for the dedication in the struggle for peace, social justice, and human dignity.

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