Exploration of

 Spiritual Practices


Where Our Paths Meet

We all arrive on our own spiritual path.  The exploration of our own spiritual center links us to spiritual beliefs & practices that speak to our hearts.  We recognize the need to learn about the world's religions and practices, to widen our perspectives, and to grow tolerance.   Church of the Good Shepherd supports each of us to listen, read, explore & share the heart's journey.   Spiritual practices that our woven into our Christian life are labryinth walking, meditation, art, journaling, drum circles and so much more.  These practices are available by invitation and not by demand.  

Prayer & Faith


 We live in a world where the line of vision is often on our differences to the exclusion of our similarities.  The world's major religions encourage us to love our neighbors, to extend a welcome to all, and live with a compassionate heart.  Are we to listen to our hearts, or to the fears fabricated by hate?

Labyrinth & Meditation Practices

Walking a labyrinth is an ancient form of prayer and meditation.  Church of the Good Shepherd's labyrinth was built by our members.  Events are offered and often paired with a Drumming Circle.  It is a practice of invitation not demand.

Arts, Crafts, Writings

& Song

It is known that all forms of artistic behaviors reside in the center of our spiritual arts.  Engaging in any form of art has the capacity to lead us to our inner spiritual door.  Christianity, as well as other world religions, tell their story in words, pictures and song. Tapping into our creative center can be a place of peace, clarity and experiences in need of repair.

We Are the Teacher & the Student

Faith Traditions 

Adult Education 

Special Events (Drum Circle; Labryneth Walks, etc)

Creativity Events

Craft Classes

Journaling Class

Progressive Christian Discussion Group