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Most of us love the posted videos of young toddlers who have not developed their "difference screen".  They smile, hold hands, hug each other, giggle and all manner of accepting human behaviors,

These childhood peaceful moments are often erased and transformed by generations of dividing and sub-dividing humans by race, age, gender, sexual orientation, religion, class and education. 

The UCC's "extravagant welcome" is a directive to remove the divisions brick by brick and person by person.  

The United Church of Christ has a rich history of activism which continues on today.  Activists are everyday people who find fertile ground to tend to a garden of tolerance, acceptance, and change.  It is a view of our world without a "difference screen". 

Being Open & Affirming is the knowing that we all have the ability to affect change in ourselves, our family, community and the world at large. Each exclusion diminishes the whole.  


   Become a member of the ONA Committee

   Write article for our monthly Newsletter

   Take photos for Newsletter and Website

    Find & Share Related Information 

    Sing or Play an Instrument for Diversity

  Participate in local Community Groups     

    Write Letters to Legislators 

   Submit Letters to local Publications

 Assist the planning the ONA Church Service and/or the  Annual  Pride Picnic.

Let Pastor Kim know if you are interested in serving this covenant mission.

I remember the first time I saw the brochure, "What Did Jesus Say About Homosexuality".  Opening the brochure it was totally blank. It was a moment of change and I knew I could not return to the prior page.  


Church of the Good Shepherd was spurred to action when a gay church member was denied ordination due to sexual orientation. Discussions, education and activism led this church community to be the first church in our region to become open and affirming to all persons regardless of gender and sexual orientation.


 Today most of our "difference screens" have been left behind by the congregation and there is full participation by all who grace our church community,


Submitted by: Colleen Flanagan, COGS member




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